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1832 Soscol Ave., Suite 101 | Napa, CA 94559 | Phone: 707.335.8700 | Fax: 707.266.1249 | kim@knm-properties.com

Hours:  Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing this note of appreciation for the stellar service provided by both Kim and Mark Nicol.  Since they took over management we have seen a dramatic improvement in the maintenance and operations of individual facilities and businesses. Long time problems and concerns were solved within weeks.

Our own small business had a plate glass window mysteriously shatter one night and, as a "heads up" I reported it to Mark and then drove down to the studio to see for myself.  Mark was there when I arrived, I hadn't asked him to come!  The impressive part of this experience is that it was getting very late in the evening when most managers would rather just check it out, if at all, in the morning.  We recently had a major plumbing disaster which impacted or business as well as others.  KNM Properties was very quick in their response and completely dealt with all issues including having some water damage cleaned, sanitized and our business back in use before our scheduled opening time.  Finally, a minor instance requiring a little sleuthing about our lease renewal was handled very quickly, professionally and even cheerfully by Kim.

We want to fully recommend, recognize and thank Mark and Kim for their "above and beyond" service. 

- Rick P.

Kim is a fantastic person to work with. Very friendly, accommodating and professional! A perfect team for all your property needs!

- Cheryl D.

I can't say enough about Mark & Kim. Very professional and gets the job done efficiently and effectively. Highly recommend!

- Cindy P.

What a relief to have you back managing the property!  You have been sorely missed.  You made a real difference after a few years of terrible neglect by ownership/management.  If I haven’t already---THANK-YOU!  
- M

Kim is a very detailed manager, very professional and it is a pleasure working with her.

- Rob B.

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